Dior shoes

As a classic fashion brand, Dior has launched many iconic clothing and handbag designs, allowing women to create an elegant and determined style. In recent years, the brand has once again captured girls who love fashion with its unique and fashionable shoe series, from the feminine and girlish J'Adior slingback shoes to the casual and sporty Walk'n'Dior. Canvas sneakers have won everyone's favor and become the "IT shoes" of the fashion industry. Everyone willingly took out their wallets.

dior shoes

1:1 top Quality Dior D-Trap Boots
This short boot made its debut at the 2020 Summer Fashion Show and is one of the brand’s flagship Dior shoe styles this season. Made of matte high-grade calfskin, the mesh effect design is full of geometric beauty, and the buckle and strap details make it more handsome.

1:1 Top quality Dior D-Connect sneakers
The brand image of chunky sneakers and Dior, which have been popular in recent seasons, does not seem to be harmonious, but Dior strives to innovate, using different materials, with thick soles and rubber details, and embellished with the "Dior" logo to create a modern The charming "new classic". And Backpink member Jisoo wears a limited series of works, with Dior Zodiac as the pattern feature theme, fashionable and charming.

1:1 top quality Walk’n’Dior sneakers
After the brand creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri took office, it was easy to launch the Walk’n’Dior series in spring and summer of 2017. The design lines are simple and versatile, and they immediately become Dior’s best-selling products. Among them, the canvas shoes with Dior Oblique as the theme pattern fascinates many girls. The embroidered cotton draws a classic Dior monogram pattern, which feels casual and elegant. At the same time, the sole, tongue and heel are decorated with the "Christian Dior" logo. It can be said that the design and production are meticulous.

The low-tube design is also very popular, and the fog gray combination is more elegant.Dior Walk’n’Dior Grey Oblique Sneakers

1:1 top quality Dior Walk’n’Dior white canvas shoes

Dior Walk’n’Dior blue and white Toile de Jouy embroidered canvas shoes

1:1 top quality Dior Teddy-D ballet shoes
The series reinterprets the classic Mary Jane shoes, using black glazed calfskin, decorated with perforated details, and embellished with "CD" golden enamel buttons, the overall feeling is elegant and retro-sweet.

1:1 top quality Dior Teddy-D black perforated glazed calfskin ballet shoes

1:1 top quality Dior Granville espadrille fisherman shoes
To pay tribute to the design of rope-soled shoes, the brand launched the Dior Granville espadrille fisherman shoes in the 2020 spring and summer series, using Oblique as the theme of the upper embroidered pattern, and then according to traditional craftsmanship, using hand-made woven soles. The shoe design is simple but full of details, and it is filled with a leisure style like a holiday.

1:1 top quality Dior Granville dark blue Oblique fisherman shoes

In the Dior Granville series, a sandal style with mixed straw sandals elements and classic Muller shoe shapes is also introduced, which feels fresh and exudes grassland charm.
Dior Granville cream and white mesh embroidered sandals

1:1 top quality dior J’Adior high heel shoes pump
When it comes to Dior’s recent popular shoe series, there should be no objection to the J’Adior series! Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri's first shoe series after taking office combines retro and modern design with clear lines to create J’Adior shoes that are both feminine and girlish.

The shoes are carefully crafted by Italian Christian Dior Atelier, and the heel design follows the brand's classic comma heel (slightly curved inward) from the 60s, and is decorated with "J'Adior" black and white embroidered cotton ribbons, which are versatile in various shapes Besides, it also reflects the ultimate elegant style.

1:1 top quality Dior J’Adior black patent calfskin slingback pumps

1:1 top quality Dior J’Adior black embroidered cotton high heels

1:1 quality Dior J’Adior Crimson Lacquered Calfskin High Heels

1:1 top quality Dior J’Adior nude lacquered calfskin open-heel ballerinas

1:1 top quality Dior J’Adior nude technical fabric high heels


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