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Do you really understand the classic DIOR bags? Which one is most worth starting
Today, according to the Dior bag series classification, we have sorted out 81 1:1 Top quality Dior bags.

1:1 Top quality Lady Dior bag
The most representative bag of the dior family, each of which is exquisite and advanced. It is said to be named after Princess Diana. There are many colors to choose from, and there are three, four, five, and seven compartments.
Lady Dior was first born in September 1995, but it was not yet called that name at that time. When Princess Diana attended the "Cezanne Exhibition" in France, the former French President's wife Bernadette Chirac gave Princess Diana a new Dior handbag. Princess Diana liked this handbag very much, so she immediately ordered all versions.
After obtaining the consent of Princess Diana, Mr. Dior used the word "Lady" in the name "Lady Diana" that the outside world has always called her, and named this bag "Lady Dior".

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1:1 Top quality Dior Saddle saddle bag
Divided into old printing, canvas bags, embroidered bags, there are many styles, fashionable and refined bags, which give people a full sense of modern fashion when they are back on the body. They are easy to match with clothes and are more suitable for summer.
Speaking of Saddle Bag, one has to mention John Galliano, the pirate master who once stunned the fashion circle. This odd-looking bag is the first it bag designed by the pirate master after entering Dior with great enthusiasm.
The saddle bag first appeared on the Dior 2000SS show. The saddle bag presented in the form of satin fabric attracted many people's attention.
When the saddle bag was first introduced, it was actually rejected by the ugly. Since the bag inspired by the initial letter D of Dior resembles a human kidney, and the price is not affordable for ordinary people, Dior Saddle Bag can be said to be a veritable kidney bag, and foreign fashionistas mock it as a "kidney bag" .
The new saddle bag is also upgraded on the shoulder strap. In addition to the original iconic ultra-short strap, the new saddle bag also adds a longer thick shoulder strap, which means that you can also develop a variety of back methods such as slanting back and chest back.
In addition to being more practical, the new saddle bag has also become more beautiful. Take the Oblique old flower model as an example. The shadow of the letters and the three-dimensional embroidery design are added, and the color tone is colder, so that it does not look so "old".

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1:1 Top quality Diorama chain bag
The classic shield flap bag; metallic luster rattan check leather, more exquisite bag, suitable for dating or party back, very eye-catching.
The chain bag is one of the eternal shoulder styles. Now the chain bag family has added a new star. This handbag named Diorama first appeared on the 2015 spring and summer series show.
The body design draws on the decorative pattern of the Napoleon III chair seat, the classic rattan plaid element, which appeared in the first personal fashion show of Christian Dior in 1947, and performed a new interpretation at Diorama, from Dior Leather Workshop The exquisite craftsmanship, fusion of modern urban feelings——
The brand new Diorama handbag, with irresistible extraordinary charm, condenses the inherent avant-garde elements, has a very simple and sharp line design and metal parts, with a sense of architecture and a strong sense of art. , This bag reveals a futuristic sense without losing the usual elegance of Dior

1:1 Top quality Dior addict chain bag
A more versatile chain bag, suitable for daily commuting, and regardless of the size of the bag, it can hold a lot of things. Dior Addict, from the hardware and logo, it can be seen that it is the design of the current designer Maria Grazia Chiuri. While inheriting the classic plaid, it has a retro rock and roll atmosphere. Compared with Lady Dior, Shenma Jun personally thinks this is more suitable for leisure Pack.

1:1 Top quality Jadior Handbag
A bag with a full sense of design is more suitable for young people and suitable for dating. This bag type has many more powerful hardcore classics, such as Celine, Classic, and Hermes Constance. This year's Jadion can be regarded as dior's ambition. Secretly competing with these classic models.
The appearance of J'ADIOR handbags made the brand's style more neutral and bold, and it became an It bag that almost everyone in the fashion circle had at that time.

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