All changes began in 2015. GUCCI CEO Marco Bizzarri made a series of radical reforms-reorganizing the management team, appointing a new creative director Alessandro Michele to update product design; at the same time comprehensively update store decoration, advertising, supply chain and logistics, and increase e-commerce With digital marketing, become super young, super fashionable and full of arrogance. Of course, all this is due to a soul figure-creative director Alessandro Michele.
Who is Alessandro Michele?
Alessandro Michele was born in Rome in 1972 and graduated from the world's top university, the Rome Academy of Fashion.
His early career began in Fendi, where he worked as a senior accessories designer.
He was recruited by Tom Ford in 2002 and started working in Gucci's design department in London.
In the 12 years of work experience in the Gucci design department, Alessandro has held different responsibilities.
In 2006, he was appointed as the creative director of the leather goods department, and in May 2011 he was promoted to the deputy of creative director Frida Giannini.
Relying on his love for interior design and decoration, Alessandro was appointed as the creative director of Richard Ginori in September 2014. He immediately reshaped his product series and the 280-year-old brand image.
Gucci 2015 autumn and winter menswear show, Alessandro showed for the first time the direction and concept of the new contemporary development brought by Gucci, and his official debut after taking office was the Gucci2015 autumn and winter women's show.
Alessandro Michele almost turned GUCCI into "exclusive". He unearthed the rock stars of the 1970s from the products of history, unearthed flowers, birds, fish and insects, unearthed genderless sexiness and nerdness. The scope of inspiration is from the early 15th century to the present world, making GUCCI a "retro art". Synonymous with ".
This drastic change made the GUCCI brand instantly fashionable, and was popular among stars, street kols, and hip-hop teenagers.

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