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In recent years, the sport has become very popular. From major fashion weeks to star street shooting, the streets and alleys have begun to blow up the sport.
After all, this simple and casual style is not only comfortable and versatile to wear, but also expresses your understanding and attitude towards fashion. Even if you don't usually use sports style, a pair of good-looking sports shoes can meet your matching needs.
Since Alessandro Michele has a keen sense of smell, he has also set his sights on the sports series since he took charge of GUCCI. The small white shoes, old shoes and other shoes designed not only closely follow the fashion trend, but also are widely loved by everyone.

Don't want to miss the trend of GUCCI's foot sports and don't know how to choose?

NO.1 1:1 Top Quality Gucci Tennis 1977 series sneaker shoes collection

The shoes are derived from the brand's Gucci Tennis tennis shoe design in 1977. The shoe design looks casual and casual, but it carries the brand’s many years of history and culture. It not only echoes the shoe advertising theme "Accidental Influencers", but also handles the design of imitation and tribute appropriately. It also puts the German word "Doppelgnger". Played incisively and vividly. "Doppelgnger" can be explained as people who have nothing to do but have similar looks. The German artist Max Siedentopf, who is responsible for the image of this advertisement, borrowed this idea and placed people of different ages, identities, and genders on the streets like copy and paste. Scene. No matter who, wearing Tennis 1977 sneakers, there is no sense of disobedience. I have to say that the good Gucci Tennis 1977 shot in the commercial is also really good to wear, lazy, sweet and cool, retro, college style, no matter what style it can hold perfectly.

NO.2 Top quality gucci Rhyton series sneaker shoes

Rhyton's name comes from a fairy tale of wisdom and beauty.
In ancient Greek mythology, Rhyton stands for "horned goblet." It is a container used by the god of wine to hold wine. In mythology, wine represents the source of wisdom, so the horned goblet becomes a container for wisdom.
After reading the origin of the name of this pair of old shoes, look at Rhyton at your feet, do you instantly feel that the whole person is full of the brilliance of wisdom!

The popularity of Daddy's shoes has remained high for the past two years, and many luxury brands have been continuously launching related products.
And the old shoes of GUCCI family have been loved by many young ladies because of the rich color matching and cute design.


This Rhyton series of old shoes is carefully crafted with calf leather. The lightweight shoe shape can be said to be the lightest one of the old shoes on the market.
The 4.5cm rubber sole is soft and elastic, so you won’t feel tired after walking too much. It doesn’t require a break-in period and is suitable for all types of feet. The most important thing is that it’s heightened and won’t show up like other old shoes. Big.
There is a wide selection of shoe sizes, the smallest size for women is 4.5 yards, and the largest size for men is even 15.5 yards.


Since the Rhyton series was born, many different printed styles have been launched every season. Although some special models are extremely difficult to buy, I believe that the 16 models currently on sale on the official website can also meet your needs for old shoes.


1:1 Top Quality Gucci ACE sneakers shoes collection

The white ACE shoes of the GUCCI family can be regarded as the “veterans” in the white shoes class. When it comes to the bee white shoes, everyone knows that everyone knows them. In the street shooting of various celebrities and Internet celebrities. The appearance rate is super high.
After 5 years of debut, it still stands tall, and the Ace series of small white shoes still have a good set.


On the leather, Gucci Ace Sneaker uses all sheepskin, which is particularly comfortable to wear softly.
The low-top sneakers with logo webbing use Gucci's iconic red and green webbing with different patterns. One shoe is decorated with red water snake leather details, and the other is decorated with green water snake leather details, which is unforgettable.


01. 1:1 Top Quality Gucci Embroidery ACE Sneaker shoes

The embroidery series is mainly white, and the shoe body is decorated with GUCCI's iconic red and green stripes.
In addition, different elements are added on the basis of the design, such as snakes, bees and other embroidery patterns, which are matched with classic web ribbons as if they are painted, and the metallic light green and red are displayed on the left and right soles of the sneakers. Beautiful.

02. 1:1 Top Quality Gucci Buckle type double G sneakers

On the basis of the original shoe shape, this small white shoe removes the iconic webbing design, and cleverly matches the minimalist brand logo. Relying on the complicated design, the interlocking double G elements created by the through-flowering process are embellished on the side of the shoe body. Suitable for a simple style.

03.1:1 Top Quality Gucci Tennis Logo sneaker shoes

In the early autumn 2020 series, the Tennis Logo continues to be integrated into the white shoe design as an embroidered pattern. In addition to the green rackets and nets that symbolize the tennis grass competition, there are also red brand lettering and white background designs that echo the Italian flag to fully demonstrate The retro feelings and brand aesthetics that Gucci has been expressing.

04. 1:1 Top Quality Gucci Jacquard logo stripes sneaker shoes

The GUCCI jacquard stripe is a newly added feature detail of the brand, inspired by the striped logo on the sideways decoration of vintage track and field sportswear in the 1980s.
This model turns jacquard stripes into elastic details instead of shoelaces, which is not only functional, but also highly decorative.

05.1:1 Top Quality Gucci Disney * Gucci Ace collaboration

The interesting image of Mickey adds a lot of agility to this sneaker. The old-fashioned light brown leather piping details and the solid color model create a strong sense of retro.



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