Louis Vuitton

Buying a genuine Louis Vuitton, the price is too high, buying a high imitation Replica Louis vuitton product, but also afraid of poor quality, it will be seen. I consulted every merchant and said that the product is almost the same as the LV specialty store, and some merchants even say that it is 100% the same. These are all clichés for you to buy the product, and every merchant will say the same.

The reason is actually very easy to understand. If the LV counter sells 2000$ handbags, the high imitations are only 200$, and the quality is completely 100% the same. If it were established, LOUIS VUITTON would have gone bankrupt. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough. It only costs 200$ to buy something, but you have to spend 2000$ to buy it, so there is still a difference between high imitation products and genuine counters. I think this is also the subjective thinking that every user who buys high-quality imitation products must have, instead of letting the merchants talk nonsense.

Having said that, how big is the gap between Louis Vuitton top quality products and the counters? Below we will essentially do an analysis for you

Let's analyze the components of a top quality louis vuitton bag from our factory (take the top-selling louis vuitton metis bag M40145 as an example), which includes:

1. Presbyopic fabric (body), matching leather (covered leather and hand strap)

2. Hardware (draw fasteners, zippers, pendants, etc. used to connect each part)

3. Needle thread (thread end of sewing interface)

4. Oil side (red paint sprayed on both sides of white leather)

5. The main components such as the inner liner and the cloth

Of course, there are some other accessories, such as dust bag, manual, serial number, etc.

The top louis vuitton products made by our factory are to be done well, and some genuine things, such as fabrics, hardware, linings, accessories, high imitations should also be available, and made according to the size of the genuine 1:1, we use genuine If you make the material, you can achieve the same quality, so the production material is the key.

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