Louis vuitton bag

I believe that more than half of the women, basically the first bag is louis vuitton, the classic, durable and highly recognizable presbyopia pattern always seems to give women a sense of security, and the price is also very moderate, for the first time to open luxury For the girls who taste the door, they are very friendly. In terms of the preservation of the value of the LV bag, it is obvious to all, and it is very good. A classic old-fashioned bag that can be passed down for generations without being outdated.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton CHAPEAU round cake bag
The bag has a special shape, three-dimensional and stiff design, full of retro feel, very clever and fashionable, can match various styles, and the capacity can also meet daily needs.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton NOE bucket bag
The figure is round and playful, the classic in the bag, the metallic light pattern and the classic canvas are all natural, both versatile and practical, and do not choose the season.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton METIS messenger bag
It is a collection of retro and trendy. Although it looks small, it has its own compartment and is extremely practical. On the back, it is fashionable and young, and it has a very high degree of commuting.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton SPEEDY Pillow Bag
The king of Lv entry-level models, durable, well-recognized anti-manufacturing, styles ranging from hand travel bags to day handbags, simple and fashionable, at an affordable price

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton Montaigne bag
A bag with stylish atmosphere and practicality, practical and versatile, casual business OL commuting, and super popular, it looks low-key and actually comes with a halo.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton DAUPHINE shoulder bag
The bag is fashionable, elegant and individual. I really like its buckle design. The simple retro style with color matching is very good with clothes. Large capacity, exquisite application.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton Alma shell bag
A very classic entry model with unquestionable reputation. There is a small inner bag, which saves space, has a large capacity, is highly practical, and is not easily deformed.

1:1 Top quality louis vuitton TRUNK suitcase
A practical choice for daily life, in addition to the practical plastic structure, the shoulder strap is equipped with a matte resin chain strap, which is a modern, stylish and fit bag for both men and women.


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